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Face Painting Service & Tips!


   Some valuable tips when hiring a Face Painter.....
Be careful when ringing round for the 'CHEAPEST' price when it comes to face painting, as often you will get what you pay for, so to speak!  Check your face painter has full public liability insurance and is CRB checked.
Also, always ask to see examples of the artist's artwork!
Is it worthy of being captured on  camera to serve as a memorable keep
sake? Professional face painters can paint 10-12 good quality FULL face paints within the hour.
Unlike booking a hobbiest or unprofessional face painter, a professional will always turn up, or send another professional in their place and will not let
you down at the last minute!  
Patricia from A Creative World, always sets up in good time before the event starts, is  professional, friendly, brilliant with kids and is of smart appearance.
When you book a two hour party, this means two solid hours of painting.  
It doesn't include the extra time taken to travel to and from the venue,
setting up and clearing down etc.  On arrival the birthday child/children are
painted before their friends arrive as an added bonus!
Sometimes a child may think they want their face painted but become shy
at the last minute! In this case Patricia will always offer to paint their arm or
hands instead! This usually resolves any issues of shyness and makes it 
fun for them to watch!
Glitter tattoos can also be added to the service for an extra small fee.
Patricia  prides herself on working to the highest standards of Code of
Conduct set out by 'Face' (the Face Painting Association) with the aim of
becoming a member in the near future!        
On booking A Creative World for your event, a booking form will be sent
and a £25 booking fee will be required and deducted on settlement of the final
amount due before the event or on the day. 
Corporate/Large Events: Please contact A Creative World for a quotation,
which will be tailor made to suit your particular needs and planned event.  
If you are expecting hundreds at your event, please also bear in mind to book
at least TWO face painters to avoid disappointment on the day due to an
unfulfilled demand!   
Paints Used:

Paints used for face painting by A Creative World are all water based
and are mainly Snazaroo, TAG, Superstar and Diamond FX paints
 which are the most recognised, safe paints in the face painting and
 cosmetic industry. They are all non toxic and manufactured using
only ingredients fully compliant with EU and FDA toy and cosmetic
If you suspect your child may be sensitive on the face Patricia will
offer to paint their arms or hands instead as well as a 15 minute
patch test inside their elbow for peace of mind. It is recommended
that face paint is removed after four hours. The paints are Hyper
Allergenic and easy to remove with soap and warm water using a clean
flannel or NON perfumed baby wipes.
Some of the stronger pigment paints may stain for a little while longer
before being removed completely....(i.e. black pigment of Diamond FX
paint). However, please be aware that as with ALL cosmetics, on very
rare occasions they can cause allergic reactions. Therefore if an
unforeseen skin reaction occurs, seek medical attention immediately.
Health and Safety:

It is A Creative World's policy NOT to paint children's faces under the age       
of TWO or children of any age with infections such as conjunctivitis,
runny noses, cold sores, or impetigo!
Also, all children must be accompanied by an adult and present a clean
dry face. children must want to have their face painted and be able to sit
still for the duration.  
An anxious upset child will not be painted or those having to be pressured into having their face painted as this should be an enjoyable experience.  If a child wants to be painted but unsure about their face, their hand or arm can be
painted instead or a glitter tattoo offered.
To ensure good hygiene practices, ONE or MORE clean sponges are used for EACH child's face and all paint brushes and sponges are washed thoroughly
after each face painting session.
For your peace of mind Patricia is fully covered with Public Liability Insurance
for £5 Million and has an enhanced Disclosure CRB certificate! 
Above is just a sample selection of my work. So if you want your child to be
transformed like this, please contact A Creative World to secure your booking.
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